Public Health and Biosurveillance

  • Electronic Support for Public Health

    The Electronic medical record Support for Public health (ESP) project is an automated software application, that analyzes electronic medical record (EMR) data, to identify and report conditions of interest to public health and other agencies (including among others notifiable disease case reporting, syndromic surveillance and vaccine adverse event surveillance).


    Geographic information systems for emerging diseases

  • Open Source Software for Public Health

    Contains news, talks and announcements and links to software sites for Public Health.

  • Zyxware Health Monitoring System

    Real-time Monitoring of communicable diseases and presentation of the information on a map. This is a GNU GPL software written in PHP/MySQL and uses the Google Maps API to track occurrences of diseases in a geographical region. The software is developed and maintained by Zyxware Technologies

  • Open Source Drug Discovery

    OSDD is a CSIR Team India Consortium with Global Partnership with a vision to provide affordable healthcare to the developing world by providing a global platform where the best minds can collaborate & collectively endeavor to solve the complex problems associated with discovering novel therapies for neglected tropical diseases like Malaria, Tuberculosis, Leshmaniasis, etc. It is a concept to collaboratively aggregate the biological and genetic information available to scientists in order to use it to hasten the discovery of drugs. This will provide a unique opportunity for scientists, doctors, technocrats, students and others with diverse expertise to work for a common cause.

    The success of Open Source models in Information Technology (For e.g., Web Technology, The Linux Operating System) and Biotechnology (For e.g., Human Genome Sequencing) sectors highlights the urgent need to initiate a similar model in healthcare, i.e., an Open Source model for Drug Discovery.

  • Epi Info

    Statistical software program for epidemiology

  • OpenEpi

    Statistical software program for epidemiology

  • epiSPIDER

    Emerging diseases experimental map

  • Sispread

    Epidemic simulations and analysis

  • RODS Open Source Project

    Real-time Outbreak and Disease Surveillance