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OSCAR through its product suite and partnerships offers a unique model for connecting care and creating community. (

OSCAR consists of a suite of five applications which together help to improve and enhance an organization’s ability to provide the highest level of care possible. Through the integration of these applications into their technological infrastructure, users are able to achieve quality improvements and realize cost efficiencies within health case and social service settings.

  1. OSCAR EMR, an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system containing health care information with full billing capabilities, chronic disease management tools, prescription module, scheduling and many other features. Can run locally in an office setting or be accessed over the internet.
  2. MyDrugRef, a powerful tool that enables physicians to form a network to facilitate knowledge transfer. This knowledge transfer allows providers to be kept up to date on the latest studies and best practices as they relate to drug management as well as clinical procedures.
  3. OSCAR CAISI, an award winning case management, bed management and program facility management system used by several agencies in Toronto, Hamilton and Ottawa. The system is specifically designed to share relevant patient information among providers, while maintaining the highest levels of patient privacy.
  4. MyOSCAR, a Personal Health Record (PHR) that offers patients access to and control of their health records, enabling them to become more actively involved in the management of their health. Patients are able to share their record with whomever they choose, enabling health care providers, family members or other selected individuals to have access to their information for viewing or updating.
  5. OSCAR Resource, a project aimed at compiling a large accessible database of bookmarks linking to a large variety of medical resources all over the web.

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A suite of applications which serve to enhance the health and social service community's ability to provide the highest level of care.
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More than 20 family physicians and specialists, and numerous nurses, midwives, medical students and residents in 8 facilities in Canada currently use the OSCAR system. Expansion of the program is under way in the United States, Europe, South Africa and possibly several other developing countries. OSCAR, like all Open Source software, is based on a philosophy of academic development and information sharing and is not intended to be marketed for profit.

Oscar Clinics:

Maternity Center of Hamilton (10 Docs), Oct 2001
Joint PCN On-call group (15 Docs & Residents), Dec 2001
Solo GP, Jan 2002
Hamilton Midwives (7 midwives), Jan 2002
Wellington Nursing Home (2 Docs), Feb 2002
Stonechurch Family Health Centre (20 Docs & Residents), Apr 2002
McMaster Family Practice (20 Docs & Residents), Jun 2002
Hamilton Stroke Prevention Clinic, Jul 2002
Solo OB Specialist in Milton Jul 2002


1. Review on security: OSCAR users typically find that a correct balance has been achieved. Layers of security prevent unauthorized access to the system, but authorized users have full and easy access to the platform, making the day to day use of the system a joy to work with:

2. Blog on why OSCAR has not received a formal review from a popular Canadian magazines on EMR:

3. Software review:

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