Segworks Hospital Information System

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SEGHIS is a Philippine customization of Care2x

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A Philippine customization of Care2x, which is an open source hospital information system.
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Version 3.0 has been released (source:

Segworks Hospital Information System (SegHIS) is a web-based, full-featured hospital information management system customized for Philippine hospital operations.

Comprehensive set of modules that encompass administrative, financial, and clinical aspects of hospital operation,
Browser-based thereby allowing anytime, anywhere, access, and will run on any platform,
Free and open source software (FOSS) allowing clients to avoid hidden costs in licenses and in software deployment and maintenance
Version developed specific for government hospital operation (source:

Licensing Mode Remarks: 
Free but official website does not specify what type of license
Current Implementation: 

Philippines - 4-5 deployment sites (source:

Business Models: 

Segworks Technologies Corp. supports the development of the software. Otherwise, no other available information online as of timestamp

2010-07-12 00:28:26