Telehealth and Health Informatics in Rural and Remote Areas

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A research project funded by IDRC through the PANACeA project.

"This research will use a web based open source EMR system as the foundation and customise it to use Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) to deliver the application to the health care providers. WAP v2.0 includes the capabilities to transmit data over TCP/IP besides the standard WDP. The test would be conducted in the three above-mentioned countries. It consists of an EMR system hosted by a single server at remote clinic and the health care providers will use contemporary mobile devices such as smartphones and PDAs to access it. The test would use narrowband in a rural and remote setting, although it would work equally well using broadband.

The project is designed to be replicated beyond the research countries, as a cost effective solution for nations that do not have extensive broadband coverage (such as 3G networks). It rides upon the convergence of the latest ICT technologies - utilising the ubiquitous smartphones, which is affordable, making it viable even in the poor countries." (Source:

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An Electronic Health Records Systems for ambulatory care and public health services, and includes Biosurveillance
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A demo website is found here:

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Nepal, Sri Lanka, Malaysia???

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