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ATutor is a Web-based learning content management system (LCMS) designed for accessibility and adaptability by the Adaptive Technology Resource Centre at the University of Toronto. ATutor claims to be modular for new looks and functionality.

Like Moodle, ATutor is a PHP application with some 25,000 registered installations. With ATutor instructors and students can manage the courses they teach or are enrolled in, send messages to other participants, create workgroups and collaborate on courses, blog, share and track content, and store files among other things. (source: )

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A web-based online learning management system
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Version 2.0 was released on July 6, 2010.

A Fresh Look & Feel: The focus on classrooms. (Show Us Your Classroom)
AContent: AContent is a standards conformant repository and authoring tool that integrates with many elearning systems.
Added Standards Integration: IMS AccessForAll is now fully integrated with the IMS Content Packaging and Common Cartridge import/export tools, producing interoperable, adaptable, and portable learning content.
Integrated Photo Gallery: Users can create private albums, share photos across courses, or share photos though their ATutor social network.
For Learners: The Preference wizard lets learners quickly configure ATutor to their particular needs.
For Instructors: A greatly simplified Content editor to help novice content authors get started quickly, but without loosing any of the advanced authoring capabilities.
For Developers: Restructured source code, an OAuth API for creating single signons when integrating ATutor with other systems, and a new API for ATutor Social, making it possible to link ATutor networks into other social networks and develop other mobile, desktop, or Web-based applications.


Development webpages are found here:

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Website for ATutor OpenSocial Networking devleopment:|

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Official website also offers paid services for basic support and development.

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